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Posted: 6/16/2010 6:27 PM PDT
no problem. Glad I was helpful!
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Posted: 6/14/2010 10:47 AM PDT
Thank you M_Farris, that really helped. I like how you thought of tree names as a strong name for one of the policemen. I'm currently choosing between different names but hopefully I'll find the right name for my characters. Also the methods of tortures and murder was really helpful also so thank you. R.
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Posted: 6/11/2010 11:20 AM PDT
Police names: possibly Anthony Crow (or Raven, Hawk, a bird name, especially a raptor, i think would work for one of them. If the first name is a little gentler than the last name can show the toughness) Another name could be Jack, Tyler, Alex, Derrik, Brad, Lucas Banshee, Oak, Griffin, Cedar, Redwood. (trees are good because they're strong.) News guy name: Paul Wood. OR Curtis Smith OR Zachary Harter Or something. Possible tortures/deaths: he could lock the women up in a cramped, completely dark room (like a closet) all alone for a few days. He could plain old beat them. Half drown them. Burn them. Starve them. Lots of slapping. Cruelly tempt them with escape and then brutally beat them, burn them etc when they try. Basically make them think they're going to die and then stop. Keep this up and their nerves will be so hyped up they'll be sweating when they hear footsteps. Which is probably something he felt whenever his mother came home. Death could be painful poisoning, suffocation, strangulation, stabbing, neck snapping. Potentially accidental things, like throwing down a long flight of stairs or out a fourth story window. Dunno. I don't know much in this area. Hope I helped a little. Good luck and Write on!
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Posted: 5/31/2010 7:08 AM PDT
Hi guys, I have a serial killer who kills young women that have brunette hair and brown eyes like his mother. Basically his mother neglected and physically abused him and his brother when they were younger. So I need some ideas of torture and killing, something that is similar to the abuse he received from his mother that he uses on his victims. Nothing too gory though. Any ideas? Also I'm looking into names for extras that will appear in the book: POLICEMAN 1 and POLICEMAN 2 who will be investigating the murders and trying to find the current victim. Both nice guys, one married, other has girlfriend. Both charismatic and funny and are favored by everyone in the police station. Need strong names for them that portrays them as lovely guys but tough and dedicated to their work. NEWS PRESENTER: Stern, serious voice when he talks about the missing women etc. He'll be a typical looking guy on the news. Brown hair, green eyes that sort of thing so basically just need a name that suits a news presenter. That's it for now. All suggestions and ideas appreciated. Thanks. R.
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