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Posted: 2/28/2011 8:36 AM PST
Thanks! It does! I've decided to use a flash back that will help everyone the current state of the world. Thanks! Hopefully its smooth sailing for now on! Yeah, never written a 'real' story either, but who knows, Maybe this one? =]
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Posted: 2/27/2011 7:16 PM PST
I havnt written any "real" books yet but from what I remember when we were working on short storys I was told the best way to start a story is Ask a question that leads on to telling about yourself/main character A flashback or upcoming part of something important in the story(I think it works better if it's a mystery or like a dramatic book) Something that would happen as part of your daily routine(better to be used if it's wgen the character wakes up) I hope this helps :D
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Posted: 2/27/2011 7:56 AM PST
I always have great ideas (in my opinion anyways =] ) for stories, but I always get caught on how to start them! The story, the ending and the characters; everything is planned out, but I just can never start without getting so frustrated I want to throw my computer out the 2nd Story window! Help? I don't personally like writing about settings first, though I can imagine them quiet vividly, because I find its boring to read about settings for 3 pages right off the bat. If anyone can help me, that'd be great! =]
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