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Posted: 7/6/2014 4:28 AM PDT
Hi I am April Sam and I need your help guuys. I'm working a poem right now. The title is, My Ever Loved Daddy. This is my poem, 

If you were living today,
So many things to you I’d say.
How happy I am to be your son,
But I long for you when you were gone.
If you were still living today,
I’d go to you without delay,
Hug you tightly with love so true,
And thank you for the special things we used to do.
Daddy, Your love, so abounding,
So pure and amazing.
Your contributions in my childhood,
Will never be forgotten, forever I will hold.
Someday I’ll be a daddy like you,
I pray, that someday I’ll just be like you, too.
I want to be a daddy like you,
A daddy I know, my child will love me too.

Please help me to add it. Thank you. You can add me on facebook and tell me. THANK YOU!!!! Here is my email..., or add me, April Sam O. Cuenca
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