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Posted: 10/21/2010 7:41 AM PDT
Praise from your friends, your family, and your friend’s Mom is to be expected - they love you, after all. Genre specific praise is also to be expected, if you write a comedy, it’s logical to expect kudos from readers who enjoy that genre. But the highest praise of all comes from those who you wouldn’t ordinarily expect to touch with your work. I’m not a Sci-Fi/Fantasy fan, I’ve always found the genre too advanced for my brain. The few I have managed to understand haven’t left lasting impressions on me either. Then, completely by chance, I stumbled upon Hagen’s book, ’The Sneak’. The main character, Neeku, is an anti-hero, that you can’t help but fall in love with. His life as a social outcast, an abomination, has jaded him in ways that are both heartbreaking and completely understandable. The journey ’The Sneak’ takes you on will challenge everything you ever thought about order, and corruption within the order. When a person is denied justice, by the very Gods themselves, Neeku is left with little choice but to attempt to steal it. An absolute must read for anyone who’s ever felt that one person can’t make a difference! (Side note - You'll love Traju too! Trust me!)
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