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Posted: 9/25/2015 4:48 PM PDT
It is just a thing on which a work from time to time.

Construction site
I have arrived to the '911' call first. It was an old abandoned complex of 5 stories office building surrounded by 4 unfinished 10 stories apartments. It was prompted back in the day as innovative, green, futuristic site. Where each flat would have space never seen before. With it's own park in the middle, swimming pool and underground car park for 100 spaces. The people were buying like crazy those flats, each was sold at price of 30.000$. As you can probably understand the construction never finished, the company defaulted and CEO with couple of his colleagues were jailed and fined for 5.000.000$. Now this site stands as a grim reminder of the past, already for 2 years. Mayor didn't really bother to clean up the place and build something new to replace this mess. Just putted a fence, a couple of security check points and that's it. This was a routine place for '911' calls. Always something dark and suspicious happened here. This time the call was about a gang shoot-out, which probably all the surrounding area hear. It was a usual thing. It would be more unusual if didn't happened. This was so-called undisputed land between to rival gangs the “Five Points” and Russian gang by the name of “Dead rabbits. Translation: Мёртвые кроликию”. Both very brutal. My car have stopped near the main and biggest entrance to the site. The gates where wide open, which never happened before. Like something big and heavy have smashed through them. Turned off the engine. Checked if I had still my gun with me and took walkie-talkie with me. Slowly walked toward that small building in which the security guard supposedly sat. Bullet holes, broken glass and blood all over the wall. Walked around, no sight of anybody. The door was half opened and I peeked, saw two bodies in dark blue coats with yellow letter on the back that read 'Security'. Opened door slowly and walked toward bodies, the smell was disgusting. Checked them for any sings of life. Nothing, no pulse, no breath – dead as human can be.In that moment I knew what I needed to do. Turned on my walkie-talkie and started talking. Detective -“This is Sierra 9 to dispatch, do you copy?” Dispatcher - “Load and clear, Sierra 9. Did you arrive on site?” Detective -“Yes and found a present for us in a form of two dead security guys!” Dispatcher -“Copy that! We are sending reinforcments. Hold and wait for it!” Detective - “Roger, waiting for back up” Dispatcher -“This is dispatch to all available units, please respond to Code 3 at Sector G!” Of course I lied when I said, I'll be waiting for them. I just went on my own in the depth of this hell hole. The garage door was smashed as well, which just give me more proof, that something very heavy went through here. Walked towards it, could barely see in front of me for two meters. Walked back to the car to get the torch. Checked if it works and armed with it, went intro claws of darkness. Stepped inside long abandoned, dark underground parking. I didn't want to go further, but something was calling me to go deeper. Aimed with my fellow friend (gun) and a helper (Flashlight) I went to explore the surrounding areas. Torch was able to provide so little insight of my surroundings, that I had to relay on my senses that was provide to me by 'mother nature'. Slowly advancing intro darkness. With every step I felt as it was surround me thicker and thicker. Closer, and closer. Like it was trying to get inside of me. Turn that 'light' off inside of me. I was fighting it with my torch for as much as I could. In the distance my flashlight could pick up some shapes resembling cars. As I was getting I could see clearer and detailed, that was 3 old abandoned 4 seaters and a couple of big black vans. Cars went through a lot. Most of the windows smashed, tires ripped and bullet holes through which my torch could shine and show it to me. Saw an exit sign, that was shining in green colour in the distance. Turned right to the sign of stairways to go on 1st floor. There was more light, so I could see my path clearer. With couple of forward movements, I was already there. Looked up on it, turn of my torch. Took the gun in my hands and released the safety switch and loaded it. Now I could easily fire. I could smell the smell of new paint, as if this place was repaired/ redecorated recently . Went up the stairs to the main floor of the building. Doors? There weren't any resemblance of it. The 1st looked like war zone just gotten through it. All kind of barricades from furniture and building materials. Loads of bodies, weapons and explosives . Slowly walking trough the place, just looking left and right. It was a horrible site to see. Some body twitched in unnatural positions, some missing limbs, some burned and as you can imagine, the smell was just disgusting. I almost vomited. Had to cove my nose and mouth with my left hand. Somehow majority of the light were still on. At the end of hallway in shadows something was still alive a twitching. Slowly started approaching it. Shine the light on it when got really close to him. It was one of the guards, but this time somewhat alive. Not for too long. Guard: “Come...Come here *cough* I need to tell you...something” Crouched to get to him as close, as possible. Detective: “I'm listening to you” Guard: “There are *cough* *cough* couple of colleagues....trapped in 2nd high rise of 5th or....*cough* 6th floor. Please help them!” That was the last words that I heard from him. His last breath and spirit have left his body, left it to root. Well that was my duty to save them as fast as I could. Rose up, looked around me. Saw an exit and started moving closer to it. Exit to court yard. The rain was just starting. My skin could fell cold and rear, light rain drops. It was fairly quiet until a heard gun shoots. Was trying to locate where the sound came from. Quick glance around, revealed on 6th floor of one of the building a heavy fighting. I could even see some muzzle flashes. That's probably it. Moving slowly from cover to cover to reach my destination and not get killed in process. So far it saved me from most of troubles. Saw an entrance, tried the door, locked. There must be another way in and as I was saying that in my head, I was I hole, big enough for me to squeeze through. At least I was now surrounded by walls, which made me feel a bit safer and I could warm up just a bit. My body needed that. Still no backup in sight or even slight clue of it's presence. Now I need to locate stairs or elevator to get to where I need to be now. Not even now, probably 30 minutes ago! Brain was filling with all kind of nasty stuff. Idea after idea, sharp as knife were bombarding my head. But I need to keep on go, push through all that pain to help them out. At least do something good tonight. I was in luck, as soon as I entered elevator shaft, I saw old but in a working condition elevator which is being used buy windows cleaners. “Heck, it's better than nothing”. Steeped inside of it and pressed button. It took it a second to understand what I wanted from him. It started moving slowly and made so much noise, that I was cursing myself inside for picking the worst possible option of all available. It arrived a floor earlier then I needed . Just walk from now on. It will be slower, but at least quieter and I won't be such an easy target. Was literally moving like a ninja through the shadows. Heard of couple of them talking. Didn't shot and didn't alert anybody plus got to my floor. Maybe now luck finally wanted to help me. Just a bit. Through a couple of hallways I reached that place, where I needed to be, but no sign of those who I needed to help. Only a trail of blood that was leading somewhere. It was my only lead to save them. So I followed it. Now I understand, that it wasn't the greatest idea, but at that time I hadn't any time to think. I have reached the end of it. It was a big, dark room with only one source of light in the middle. Underneath it I saw a figure which was aiming at the opposite side of the room at somebody. I need to shoot now, or more innocent people will die. Drawn my gun as quick as I could. Aimed at the figures head and fired. You could hear the bullet cutting through the air, it was that quiet or I was this concentrated. Quick second of anticipation and a bullet has reached it's destination. As I could hear the sound of skull cracking. Blood started pouring out of a silhouette and a body fell down on the floor. Very quick, not like in the movies. I could hear some noises behind my back, still far, but they were getting closer. In the distance I could hear as well the song of police. Sirens of police cars and flashers of red and blue light on the side of building were like a holy light. Something so good and forceful, was coming to end this nightmare.*Bang* and I felt a pain in my right shoulder. Looking at it, something very warm and red is coming out of me. I can feel as I'm getting weaker with every second and at the same time I felt with a back of the head , something heavy and metallic hitting me with it's power. After that I fell on the ground and lose my consciousness.
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