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Start laughing!
Posted: 9/8/2017 10:31 AM PDT

When you write, you should worry more about learning everything you can about your subject rather than about "getting the point across".

Good writing makes the point come out without effort -I think.

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Posted: 9/8/2017 10:27 AM PDT

There is no limit. The crazier the better.  God made animals because he wanted to give people the opportunity to understand sanity.

We are living "too crazy", art is supposed to rise above, not imitate...

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Posted: 5/4/2011 12:12 AM PDT
I think that the only way around this, (A method I have used on other sites when writing topically risky stuff) is to gather a collection of about ten dedicated reviewers, who will read your stuff, comment on it's effectiveness and how far they would like you to go with it, then when it's revised, the same ten people give you feedback on it. In short, it's a bit of trial, trial, trial, trial and error... then trial... Or if you decide that gathering the people to review your work is taking to long you can do it youself > Satire is something many people aspire to, writers love it as it can be used as leverage to reach those all important goals in a written piece. Don't feel restricted, but don't go too far for YOURSELF. If you think that you have gone to far, then that is the line you should stick with. Chances are, for your opinion, there are thousands behind you nodding and cheering for more. Anyway, if the flies don't come to the shit, the shit must go to the flies... (That was an awful choice of simile/ analogy) but take your project to people who write simillar things to you, I am sure finding people to help out will be a pice of cake... or a pice of crap... If you struggle contact me, I will surely read your work. Hope this helps... I will be happy to help anyone with a question :D ~Ben
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Posted: 3/8/2011 2:30 PM PST
when i write i like to make people really think and possibly break some boundaries of whats acceptable but how far can you go before you start to alienate your readers? i guess what i'm asking is what are some pitfalls to avoid in writing satire so that readers don't see the story as taking things to far? or better yet what are some ways to get the point across without the readers knowing what i'm getting at?
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