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Posted: 6/8/2009 3:07 PM PDT
I understand the problem! First of all, good for you for looking at it in many views. It is very hard to get it the point through dialogue! Because I haven't read the story yet, it's hard to see the style or the mood of the scene. It's ok to take a break from all-dialogue, such as when the trees thin out and the first few cars are being seen, make a comment of the different buildings, something like: He gestured towards the Super Wal-Mart on the left of the railing. "I think Jeff works there" "Really? I though he was still living in Idaho." George glanced out the window while passing the too-slow minivan in the second lane. "Nope, came down here instead. Talked to him just last week. His cousin's in the hospital, something about an animal attack..." That's where you can get really inconspicious with some forshadowing too. Obviously, it doesn't have to be an animal attack, fit it to where your story needs to go. And I don't know if your story in first-person or whatnot, but sometimes it helps me to see how a stranger writes things. Another good trick for striking up some conversation is, while stuck, staring at your computer screen or blank piece of paper, is to write a completely random sentence. COMPLETELY RANDOM!! Pick a verb in the sentence. Now delete the random sentence, and use the picked verb in the next paragraph you type/write. These are just ideas to get you going, hope hearing someone else's thoughts helped at least a little! :)
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Posted: 6/6/2009 11:08 PM PDT
I'm new to the site, so I suppose I should make more of an introduction, but I'm desperate tonight and in need of sleep. I started writing a short story last Sunday and swore I'd try to write something every night until it's finished, even if it's only a few lines. So far it's been working and I haven't been struck with boredom or writer's block, but now I have a problem. Without getting too into the plot I need to find a way to get two brothers driving along a remote road onto a freeway. It seems like a simple transition, and there's a road on either side of them slowly angling in to connect, but the story is all dialogue so it has me stuck. I've put it off for a few days with them making observations about the odd circumstances that brought them there, which I'll probably end up cutting out before I'm finished, but either tonight or tomorrow I need to make a transition or I'm not getting any more sleep. The build up has been kind of gradual. First trees on either side of the road thinned out, then there are what looks like off-ramps from a freeway gradually angling downward from somewhere to either side of the road, finally some cars become visible. I've managed all this with the characters noticing each development slowly during a more existential conversation but I can't think of any way to finally have all the roads running together as a multi-lane highway or freeway through dialogue. It can't be a "okay, now we're here" moment. I feel silly asking about something like this, but I'd appreciate any advice I get.
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