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Posted: 12/5/2009 9:04 PM PST
if anyone would like a cover, give me a shout out, i have a program ive downloaded that im trying to get used to so ill do the best i can to helpout in any way that i can. thanks! Spirit_Takashi
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Posted: 12/5/2009 11:32 AM PST
id like toget photoshopfor my computer but i dont know if i have topay for it and id like it if i didnt have to, can anyone help? cuz then i could help do covers too! i hand draw all my covers and probably every year i redraw tham becuz i get better at drawing my characters... if someone would just let me know that would be great! Spirit_Takashi
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Posted: 1/10/2009 5:21 PM PST
I'm a writer who also likes to play with Photoshop, and I need reasons to practice and improve my skills! I created a group for people to request covers for their books: If there are any other Photoshop (or PSP) users out there who want to offer their skills, they are also welcome. Stop by if you get a chance!
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