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Posted: 3/25/2014 12:00 PM PST
Hey everyone!

So I have a project for all of you. I need to put together an anthology for my developmental editing class and I thought why not take some stories from fellow Webooker's. I am not yet sure how many I am going to be including and I will let you know which one's I will choose. The point of this project is to later get the anthology published once I put it together. So anyone interested just post here. 

Some guidelines:
I want the anthology to be purely fiction. What kind of fiction? Well I'm leaning towards a higher entity sort of story. I will post one of mine for an example of what I mean by that. I'll need a variety of them so please go wild with it! As long as it has a higher entity being in it, it qualifies. It also needs to be a short story; I do not have a maximum word count and I don't believe I will set one. This way I can get a variety of stories. 

I will be giving this two weeks to fill up at the end of which I will choose some to include. During the process I will be giving feedback and tips for the stories that get submitted and I encourage everyone to do the same on all submissions. I will be trying to get this published after I finish it so take the opportunity! 

I also am having troubles figuring out a title for it, so any suggestions just comment.

I will stress the short story aspect! I will not read novels or stories with chapters. I need them to be short stories. 

Please! I need some stories! 

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