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Posted: 3/13/2010 1:38 PM PST
One of them could have a traumatic experience which really affects them, so much so that they seem to become a different person entirely and "i just can't be with you anymore!" You could take this to extremes too, maybe introducing some psychological twists and turns, depression etc. ...But i don't know what the story is about. Good luck though :D
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Posted: 2/26/2010 6:56 PM PST
Friends can be a real bi- I mean the word that rhymes with witch. For two reasons. 1. Your friend can flirt too much and that can cause a major fight. 2. Someone you thought was a friend and ended up being a rival will do anything to get people to split for their own personal gain. That's just my opinion. Watch out for PLOT HOLES!!!!!! GothWriter
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Posted: 1/27/2010 11:29 AM PST
A friend can come between them? They flirt too much with that friend. A friend can come into town and say its an old best friend and one of them gets jealous because they are too close?
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Posted: 1/20/2010 7:03 AM PST
Maybe this post is helpful to you. I know it's difficult cause real fights are mostly about nothing at all, but in a book, that's suddenly too simple 2b true :S Good luck with your story!
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Posted: 1/16/2010 8:15 PM PST
okay so BIGG question here. The two characters (girl and guy) in my story have finally worked out everything and gotten together ;) so, somehow I ened to split them apart again? Like, I need something BIG to get in a fight about or whatever... or a huge misunderstanding to split them up for a while and get them all mad and stuff... but WHAT? :S Help please?! THANK YOU SOOO MUCH if you can help me at all!
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