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Posted: 10/2/2014 4:07 AM PDT
22.) June 2014-   I'm in a setup of my room as a wake up, it feels scary. Then when I look down to the side of my bed there's a little girl dressed up in skirt and pigtails with no face and I get scared and say "I'm sorry". Then she disappears. Lucifer’s saying my children are giving me the finger also, but forgive me. 23.) Some examples of when I found out I'm immortal are 1.) On a very strange day I was poisoned and my stomach tore open. It felt like I was pissing in myself. After a while it just stopped. 2.) One night all I hear is a click and some guy say "Fuck he's god". I look up to see a couple people on a roof with a sniper rifle aimed at me, I just smile and continue walking. 3.) One night some guys pulled up next to me and the guy in the back seat with open window pulled a machine gun out of his jacket and started shooting. All I see is the shooter moving like he’s shooting and everything but nothings coming out. I just laugh and continue biking home. 4.) Cars have  stalled out trying to hit me before. Them looking at me like what the fuck? 5.) 2 car bombs self-exploded smoldering next to me as I walk by. 6.) Injected with something bad or lethal as the people walked away laughing about it. And put in a room where I couldn't breathe. 7.) Had some grey chemical put in my shoes on a rainy night. Caused a hole in my foot. 8.) People where paid off not to serve me at hospitals and people even waiting in waiting rooms keeping watch. 9.) People have tried putting things in blankets that just made my head leak puss and shit like that.     To settle it once and for all since everyone thinks I'm a child molester or raped 4 children, some bullshit like that. Nope but I will tell you something that's none of your business I ‘am attracted to younger teens. I don't know why just I ‘am but couldn't really be open about it so I would just look at different pictures some younger some not I thought where hot. Then again on Facebook the other day I seen a 21 year old and a 12 year old posting everywhere their together and I'm only 20. In Mexico that's sometimes common I hear also. So I don't know how you all got this idea I'm a child molester from clothed pictures, ask someone who knows. And I lost my virginity to that most likely someone to end this.  
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