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Posted: 5/16/2010 7:18 PM PDT
Hello, WEbook! Woah--I don't think that I have posted a Writer's Block thread since last year; I find that frightening somehow. Getting on with the point: I have been working on a novel/pos. series called Cilia's Fangs for the past two or three years. I've mainly been re-vamping--pun unintended--the plot, but I have done the first 9 chapters or so a few times. I never really found the introduction a problem in all of my rewrites, until, of course, this one. My computer crashed last month and I lost the absolutely -perfect- introduction that I have written along with the following chapters. Since, I have played around with it, but I haven't been able to create anything up to it's level. I have tried every type of imagery, several scenes, far too many different moods, and even tried different times, but there's still nothing. My novel, Cilia's Fangs, is a horror novel that is centered around a young vampire girl whose age is questionable. Although many of the main characters are inbetween children and young adults, it is far from a young adult novel with the rating of its content, which simply adds to the problem. What I need is a dramatic, but not too overrated, introduction that will leave its mark on people who just open it up at the book store or wherever and try to read the first page. It has to fit something that an adult would read, too, though, and I'm used to writing young adult novels. I'm not asking for introduction ideas, but, rather, ideas of how to get inspired. (Sad, right? I'm normally the one suggesting forms of inspiration to others...) I'm also looking for some information about the difference between a YA novel and an adult novel. Other than the content, I really want it to be something that can be admired by both younger and older readers. Don't worry, though--I'm well-aware that there are differences in tastes between teenagers as well as between adults. I mean, I prefer to write YA novels, but I prefer to read adult fiction and horror. Even so, I'm confused about the differences. Thank you in advanced, mk
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