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Posted: 4/26/2011 11:34 AM PDT
Another more simpler was to mange complex plottings, sub-plots and characters is a FREE OPEN SOURCE writers tool called Storybook Storybook and yWriter5 can help you keep tract of all the bits you are adding into the story and serve as handy quick references to people, places and plot issues for continuity purposes.
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Posted: 4/13/2011 3:32 PM PDT
Book writing can become very complex Its not just the plot, or the story lines. It's also the characters, their traits, photos, the locations, scenes, sub notes and characters, research notes and a host of details can be impossible to maintain in your head, and messy with paper or electronic files. I use a FREE tool called 'yWriter' it is FREE to download and use! It has been created by a writer who is also a software programmer, for writers creating a novel or have writing projects. If you are finding it difficult to keep all the aspects of your complex plots, characters, storyline tracking and location notes for the book you are writing, this is for you. You can even import your current saved to rtf format documents with chapter markers to kick it off. I have this software installed on a memory stick, backed up to my computer, so wherever I am I can spend time on my book and have all my notes, character descriptions, locations photos together. This software is comparative to other book project organisers, but unlike the tens or hundreds of pounds the charge, this is free. Its there a catch, yes it not as pretty as some other software, and it takes a little longer to appreciate all its features, but if will do all of what you are likely to want. If you decide you want more, then of course you can pay your money for those extra features, but this should answer most writers needs. Plus it does its own backups. It is free so nothing lost in trying it. Why do I recommend it? Its written by a writer for writers who knows new writers don't always have deep pockets, that makes him a writers saint in my eyes. P/s he does lots of other also free software that it is worth looking at,
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