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Posted: 12/24/2016 6:06 PM PST
So, your single now what?  INTRODUCTIONThank God that being single is not the end of the world and it may be the beginning of something extraordinary. You may be thinking how can being single be the beginning of something extraordinary and you may be thinking Singleness is boring and very lonely and you may even detest to being a single. And yes, that may be true,no one likes to be alone. however time to yourself is needed and most of the time its a temporal circumstance  that is  necessary to develop an individual for a abiding enticing relationship that you have not even  dreamed about . I'm quite sure you have had enough dead end relationship and is ready to for once and for all to find true love and that the perfect match. Great allow me to help..In this book I will be sharing a wealth of information that will indeed be encouraging and informative to help you succeed in your singleness and to prepare you for an astonishing marriage.Don't you think for one minute that you are alone ; there are Thousands of people out there just like you ; Let me testify to that ,for I myself have had my share of relationship , the good, the bad and the ugly and has also persevere my share of single years .Therefore I totally get it , yes I get it , i can deftly relate . This bring me to my essential point;I believe the Lord has bless me to bless you with some insight on the purpose in life of a single christian women and the hope for marriage  ; so here I'am to give an inspiring , life changing experience through the proof of my book to equip almost any single women with what it takes to be complete and Ready for the next chapter of life . So rather you are interested in how to overcome loneliness ,how to prepare for marriage or maybe you have been doing just fine in your current relationship status but however can use some pep talk , just a little inspiration to carry on , this book will be just what you been praying for . It is my heart desire to equip and encourage single Christian Women to hold on to their Faith as they ponder the Journey as a single Christian  I'am a Single Women who has walked various years with the Lord who has Graced me to uphold a Single life  for over 13 years and he has lead me to learn the significance of Singleness , God has primarily been my father of protection and I want the opportunity to share with you how you can live an abundant single life and to how to be complete and ready to transition into a healthy marriage.
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