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Posted: 7/28/2009 6:43 PM PDT
Since you liked your old ending so much, why not incorporate meeting the Amenders? Mix meeting them in the middle of the ending, then end the novel. OR... You could end the book with a twist ending. That way, you could write another book where Angela accedently stumbles into the middle of the Amenders place. Maybe you could make Jessie save her butt. OR... You could stop the book where Angela stumbles into a brawl between the Amenders and some other family. You could just cut off the ending and make people wonder what will happen next. Those are just my ideas, you don't have to use them. I hope I helped.
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Posted: 7/27/2009 7:55 PM PDT
Okay, so I have writers block. I am writing a story called Saving Eden and I want to get it published. I feel like the more I write this story, the more random it gets. The story started off about a girl who has special healing powers who runs away from her secluded life with her father to try to help make the world a better place. And it got some good feedback on the original but I didn’t like the ending so I was going to make a new ending. Now, why are they in Tokyo living in an underground city with a book that list future events looking for a reporter named Kathy? The thing is, I originally had a different ending for this story which is in the project “2201” version of this story (which is also on webook) but I realized that they needed to meet The Amenders which is what I decided was suppose to happen in Tokeyo, but now I realize I don’t know what I want to happen after they meet the Amenders so maybe I should keep it at my old ending. And maybe I should have thought of an ending before I started writing it. (well, I did, but then I decided I didn’t like it) But I don’t know my new ending yet, and my writing is getting really sloppy because im not motivated to write it anymore. But i wrote over 50,000 words its the longest thing i've ever written. So now I’m thinking of using the old ending. What do you guys think? I want someone to read (or scan over to try to pick up the plot) my story and tellme their oppenion about the ending. (or lack of ending…) I wanted to get this published, but I can’t without an end. So dose anyone like where this is going, or are you cringing and thinking why did they fly to Tokyo and are living in an underground city and I really need to stop. I would love feedback on this (so far) ending vrs. the old one. If you like the old ending, I need a way I could make the old ending more… complete. I feel like it leaves something missing from the story. Mainly, the fact that she never met The Amenders which i was going to make happen in the new ending. Thanks much.
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