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Posted: 5/9/2014 2:33 AM PDT
Reviews to rev your engine:

I am finding more reviews are very revealing. I am finding that the truly care worthy reviewers are leaving highly constructive feedback for my latest work. I must mention, in my eyes these folk are true professionals in their art of reading others works.

The little comments from such sensible reviewers are so endearing; one has no other option than to take notice when they explain so well. In fact I had one remark that when I slept on it, the entire of my book writing knowledge expanded the very next morning-(which will stay with me forever.) I learned so much from just that one pointer.

I started the book description blurb with 'Extremely witty-(characters name)-blah blah blah & blah' and I did so to explain to readers that the horror story is a comedy, too (the main character is only 13; & he has a way of dealing with situations in his own manner.)

The cover looks scary enough & I really didn't want to give a reader the wrong impression-that's all it boils down to.

I was also going to use the same opener 'extremely witty' (to describe the character) for my back book cover & book description, too. Because I fear that a reader will read the opening few pages (where is quite horrific) and are eventually revealed that the character has a sense of humour, how he deals with the situations the way he does.

A horror or a comedy? I understand now they are a fine mixture of genres.

And about the Fear: will always cause you to lose!

Thank you so much, that reviewer for the comment, 'Extremely witty? Show us, don't tell!'

What did I learn, exactly?

Only the most important elements of a story-mystery & suspense! And by dropping the 'extremely witty' opener trying to explain so that I don't disappoint the reader, because he/she may find the horror humorous, too-it all makes sense now and all goes hand in hand together.

I read somewhere once to reveal aspects as the story unfolds, and now it has finally sunk in.

Thank you, especially to that expert reviewer for taking the time & care to input constructive information for ones work.

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