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A place to post your ideas for new writing challenges, and thoughts on the current challenge.
Posted: 1/5/2011 10:12 PM PST
January judges are JD Couch Jimbob Wayahowl Whoever wins top place with best submission of the month will get to be honorary 4th judge on the February competition; this winner will also receive a prize of the Windhawk's Peace Pipe Award, the three runner-ups will receive the Warbonnet prize award. These can be mailed to you if you will message us with your email. We feel that good works deserve some sort of recognition, and these will be original digital art collages designed by wayahowl. you can print them off and frame them, and show them to friends...only winners of this competition will receive them and each will have the month and year, and name of competition on them. wish you all best of luck; tell your friends to come enter in; we strive for the best, and respectful attitudes here is what we seek in each others feedback.
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Posted: 12/30/2010 9:01 PM PST
Before this year 2010 rolled to a close, JD Couch and I, wayahowl, two writers partnering under the pseudonym snowhawkwaya, discussed starting a new challenge that will begin in January 2011. Our first theme centers around writing something close to your heart that matters to you about your country, wherever you may live, and the best selections, the most outstanding works will be given the prestigious Warbonnet Winner's prize... that is, you can say, "I won the Warbonnet on Snowhawkwaya Challenge." The top winner in first place will receive the Windhawk Peace Pipe award and be given the honorary position of helping us judge the next month's contest. This will insure that each month there is always a fresh voice on the judging panel of four judges. We will be changing each month to a new theme, and we hope to have lots of submitters. Our goal is to have a fair, fun competition for everyone to better their writing while sharing in a exercise that will improve everyone's knowledge of something that might not be known to everyone. With January, it centers on your country's history, and it would be cool to learn all the diversity our countries have and share these facts with others who don't know these things. So this is your opportunity to pull out some special tidbit of trivia that's rarely been shared before and who knows, it might turn out to be the pearl we are so awed by, we say, Wow! here is the link, where more details will be found there; hope to see your submission soon. Thank you.
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