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Posted: 7/28/2015 8:41 AM PDT


Hi Juliet, 

Well done on almost completing your book, that's such a great achievement! 

We'll ask the technical support if it's possible to change the URL for you :)

Not sure if you're aware, but we're actually doing a callout for projects as part of our Project Spotlight initiative through our Facebook page, so why don't you submit your project to that, and it might help you get some feedback on the chapters that don't currently have any - check it out on our FB page:

Good luck on finishing the rest of your book,

Hannah from the WEbook Team
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Posted: 7/26/2015 6:15 AM PDT
I've been working on this since before I was even a WeBook member(since 2008). I'm working on finishing it THIS YEAR :D But there is many chapters that I don't have any feedback on at all and I need to hear from readers so please, if you can take a look please give me some feedback. And a link to any project you need feedback on so I can return the favor! Thanks!!!! Here's Mine: please note this has gone under a NAME CHANGE and I've changed up the story a bit. If anyone knows how to change the URL please let me know!!!
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