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Posted: 12/10/2013 7:49 AM PST
thank you. the button stands out once you know its
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Posted: 12/10/2013 4:29 AM PST


Hi Gabriel_Knight,

There is a little 'Apply' button which appears under the box where you can select the genre - if you click this it will stick to the genre you want it to! 

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Posted: 12/6/2013 8:17 AM PST
I am wondering if the option to change genres is broken. I cant seem to change it. I rate an item, go to the box in the upper right, select 5 page or a different genre, and it just defaults back. Hmmm,, maybe i should try a different browser. i am accessing this through FireFox.
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Posted: 11/30/2013 11:41 AM PST
I agree with a lot of Snajik's points. I myself have wished to have a 'Skip' option when presented with work I don't want to rate, and often end up marking these pages down as they are of no interest me.
  I do agree though with the subsequent comment that was made of the "poor premise and poor first page" being enough information to judge whether you'd like to read more. I feel that this is enough information as a reader, but not as a writer :)
  Also, I'd prefer being able to change my rating of a first page before I hit submit (or Rate Next) in the pop-up box. I've select the wrong rating for a story a couple of times and have been unable to change it. 
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Posted: 11/6/2013 4:53 AM PST
You also have the option of choosing which genre you want to rate, but you'll still get submissions from genres you don't particularly like because many times the author will choose two categories/genres. For example: if an author writes romantic suspense, she might click both "romance" and "thriller." However, selecting the genre you want to read is still your best option.
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Posted: 11/5/2013 9:18 PM PST
I'm not entirely in disagreement with you snajik. But I have found, in rating, that if the summary-which really is the pitch-isn't tight, along with the first page being extremely well written, the odds are stacked against the writer as far as pulling of a well-written story. A poorly written summary followed by an average first page just isn't going to cut it out there. Page to fame allows the writer to receive feedback that helps them hone in on those all-important first impressions. I do agree with the genre issue. I am well read in some and not so in others. I feel way more comfortable in giving ratings on genres that I have familiarity with. And I believe that there are times when a work's ratings suffers from  ratings from those not familiar with the genre. I believe the current problem with being given works outside of a chosen genre is that there are just not enough people rating. Although, experience has shown me that I will be given all available works in my chosen genre before being given others to rate. Hopefully, we'll see the number of people rating pick up soon:) There is a skip button (can not remember if it's on Page 1s and 5s, but it is on the 50 page samples). Also, there is the "something else option", which allows you to rate highly and add comments.
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Posted: 11/5/2013 7:43 PM PST

As highlighted in another thread, from a rater’s perspective it is somewhat difficult to provide a fair and accurate assessment of work that is of a genre that either does not appeal to you, or that you have a limited understanding of. Personally I have no interest in romantic fiction and I don’t feel as though I am able to determine good romantic fiction from poor or not so good. It would be useful to be forwarded work to rate that aligned with preferred genres listed in the rater’s profile. Alternatively there could be a ‘Skip’ button that could be activated if a rater is presented with work from such a genre.


I also have doubts as to whether much can be gauged from rating the first page of a novel. Certainly if the work is ineptly written with spelling mistakes and grammatical errors then it probably deserves a low rating. However to rate work lowly on the basis of not liking the idea seems to me to be an assessment which in most instances would be very difficult to make. Surely a novel is unlikely to reveal the bulk of the plot (or idea) in the first page; it is not meant to be an essay for example. A novel tells a story, has a narrative. I would argue that it is a fairly clumsily written novel that opens by revealing the ‘idea’ of the book on the first page and immediately gives away the premise of the story. A first page should be the preamble that ultimately takes you to the ‘idea’. Perhaps what is meant here is ‘I didn’t like the feel of the writing’. Perhaps there should be a sixth option for the page one readings along the lines of ‘I think this has potential, but I would need to read more’. This option (a new option 4) would still allow the work to be elevated to the second phase, however at the second phase this option would be removed and the options would revert to the current system as reading 5 pages should allow a better indication of where the story is heading.  


I would also contend that it is still possible to acknowledge that something may be a good idea without necessarily liking it.

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