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Posted: 2/26/2016 10:09 AM PST
Hello My Fellow Writers and Book Lovers,

I am an aspiring author who would love to hear what you all have to say about my works. (so far I only have 1 book on WEbook right now, but I am working on a number of them) The book I have on here is "Dust, A Short Story". It is in the Short Story, Sci-Fi/Fantasy Genre. The book is set in Post-Apocalyptic America, and I really enjoyed writing it. It is an experiment that I would love to work on more if people like it. That is what I see WEbook as, a place to test out my ideas and get feedback. 
I am currently working on a Space Adventure/Sci-Fi novel and a Medieval-Fantasy/Mythology-Folklore Series that I am extremely proud of.

So if you feel like checking it out, I really appreciate it!


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