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A discussion to stoke your writing fire.
Posted: 10/16/2017 4:42 AM PDT
Writer's block is your mind telling you that it's exhausted.
Whenever you feel like it, you should take a break from words.
I watch a movie, or a TV Show and go to sleep for a while. I basically don't think about writing if I don't feel like.
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Posted: 9/8/2017 9:53 AM PDT
I do something rather unique and it never fails.  It's called read.  problem is, I need more time than I have, to put everything on paper.

If you have writer's block, find a good library, NOT google, a real library.

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Posted: 6/6/2015 10:38 PM PDT
um... I ust muddle through it. My writer's block is very annoying. its like I can see what happens in my head but I cant seem to form the words to accurately describe what is happening. I worry that I give too many or too little details.  most times I have to step away. and do something else to get the words flowing out.
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Posted: 6/2/2015 3:40 AM PDT
I stare at the screen and weep until I have no more moisture in my body then I replace it with beer, type away and then try and salvage something from all the gibberish the next's not worked out well as yet.
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Posted: 6/1/2015 8:35 AM PDT
Hi All,
Just wondering what everyone does to get through writer's block.
Personally I just push words out until they flow or step away for a bit and do something non-writing related. What about everyone else? Anyone do anything really out there?

With Love and Gratitude,
TJ Shortt

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