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Posted: 5/14/2014 8:17 PM PDT
talking dolls does sound like horror. It seems in horror there is always an element of supernatural but that could be taking place soley in the character's mind. I can't view the link from this page so I can't comment on the writing here:(
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Posted: 5/14/2011 10:25 PM PDT
look nice|
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Posted: 4/19/2010 8:10 AM PDT

I'm just curious if this counts as a Horror...well in the sense that a lot of things will be happening in my book over the eighteen or so characters that all play a relatively big part in my story. It's mainly about Angle and my main character (Marcus) having a battle of wits against each other to solve a few mysteries that have happen at his great grandfathers mansion. It's all about getting the money that the great grandfather got by illegal means. But the Psychological part comes in when some of the murders are to unreal to be real and now Marcus has to solve those mysteries as well. Including that there is a extincted (or rare, I haven't done enough research on the dog to know which) dog running around the forest near the mansion and talking dolls. Here's a link to so what I've gotten done so far: Tell me what you think cause I don't know if its a Horror story or not yet, but I know at one point Marcus stumbles upon his great grandmothers body hanging as if crucified in a cave.
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