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Posted: 4/26/2010 12:16 PM PDT
Hey there, I know that SOAP OPERA'S are declining from popularity, but, I am, with two of my friends, are working on a SOAP OPERA show that could be daytime or nighttime show. Here is some details: There are three wealthy, well known, and lucrative business families. There are lengthy family lineage that spans seven to ten generations and one part of the families are in the mob related field. The rest of the families have business tycoons, hospital chief of staff, CEO\CFO of company, toy manufactures, and music rock-star icon royalty (i.e. Aretha Franklin, Elvis Presley, Michael Jackson, Ozzie Osborne, and Gene Simmons from the R 'n' R band Kiss). The mob family part is a gang\drug\firearm related being exchanged throughout the world. I have a question about the family relation and that is when the family (or families) connection as in cousins. after the third cousins does it count as family or should I remarry the two (or more) family(ies) into the fold after a certain amount of time like fourth cousins marry? And I need more ideas. Any ideas to start the show? MalibuMiller
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