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Posted: 12/28/2013 12:41 AM PST
Looking for readers interested to join and read my project. 1st Chapter is up for viewing. Book is written, but only plan to post chapters over the course of the coming weeks. My story is a Science Fiction, Action/Adventure story. Check out the link to my project and read the synopsis to see if its anything you would be willing to read. Naturally, should you be interested, and ask for an invite to the project, I will gladly read any of your works. Wow me, and I probably will just keep reading and leaving feedback regardless if you don't. Link to my project is below:

I'm not looking for nuke warm criticisms. If you like it, tell me what you liked, what stood out to you? If you don't like it, tell me where I should focus on and improve. This isn't perfect, there is bound to be one or two grammar errors. Focus on content, characters, dialogue, exposition, etc. Tell me what your impressions are. Give me solid feedback, and you are sure to get a long feedback from me in turn.

Thank you for your time. Again, interested, post below,and a invite will be sent. Also, please post links to your projects too. I like reading Fiction, tales of mystery of unique, obscure worlds, and Science Fiction. Not a huge fan of paranormal, but bring me something that grips me, you will have me for the long haul. Not big of Slice of Life or Romance/Drama. I want to read something interesting, with worlds unlike my own.

Once more, thank you for your time. Hope I will impress you as much as you will impress me.
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