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Posted: 12/30/2013 6:50 PM PST
I'm not normally into e-books, and I haven't touched my kindle in months. So I can't tell you why I was searching amazon's kindle store, but I was. On a whim, I typed "Pittsburgh Young Adult" (Pittsburgh because I live in the general vicinity) and a real amateur looking book popped up. THE TRAP. Although it didn't have any reviews, I saw that it was published very recently: November 30th. 'Fuck it' I thought, as I forfeited the $2.99. I figured I could forego a Starbucks visit sometime that week to make up my money if the book was trash. 

Let me tell you!! The book was amazing! I had just finished reading Divergent and Insurgent recently, and THE TRAP (although much shorter, and apparently much, much more obscure) rivals and even beats out the popular series in my humble opinion! (Okay, so I'm not quite done with the Divergent series, but I hear that Allegiant is the worst of the trio...?) 

I gathered from the author's short little bio on amazon that THE TRAP is his first and only book thus far, but I will be anxiously awaiting the sequel to THE TRAP and any other work from this mysterious author. I highly recommend looking into this book. A print version didn't seem to be available, so my kindle has been seeing some action as I read (and reread) this book. 

I was wondering if anybody has heard of/knows of/already read this book. 

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