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Posted: 7/12/2015 11:58 AM PDT
I've tried pagetoframe and crit swapping but there's not much movement.
The 1 page I sent to p2f has been sitting at 3 evals for a couple of months, I sit with 100% to go on to the next level but I haven't gotten anything that looks official.
Crit swapping doesn't seem to work here. I've offered to swap a number of times. Most of the time it's ignored. A couple of times I've received offers back. I'd crit them and send their work to them with detailed suggestions and correction. Only twice has anyone returned the favor, The rest of the time they run off without even a thank you.
I don't use this site much anymore. I come in occasionally just to see if anyone has looked at my stuff. The site I use now forces people to crit. The only way to get your writing posted is to get enough points to do so. The only way to get points is to... You guessed it. Crit other people. It works too. At least in the early chapters. It's harder to get people to agree to a swap if they haven't read the beginning.
Anyway, I'm not here to advertise another site. I just wanted to know people had success using this one.
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