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A place to post your ideas for new writing challenges, and thoughts on the current challenge.
Posted: 2/8/2011 5:26 AM PST
The Reality Challenge is officially being revived. This is for writers who are interested in giving and receiving in depth critiques and are commited to helping themselves and their fellow aspiring authors. Play time is over - let's get some serious work done! For those of you who have participated in the Reality Challenge, this is a chance to revive the fantastic comradarie we developed over the holidays and continue to help each other grow as writers. Newcomers are welcome, but must agree to the rules set in the original Reality Challenge with a few additions: Each week one new writer will be asked to post their work. It can be anything you want: A chapter, several chapters, or the entire novel (with a separate posting for each chapter). All participants in the RC Revival will be expected to post a critique, which can be anything from pointing out typos and grammatical errors to opinions on how the piece could be improved upon. We do not want rewrites of the author's work. Only those who have critiqued each posted chapter will be considered for the next week's spotlighted author. If you are not a writer but would like to offer your critique, you are most welcome to do so, provided you comply with the rules regarding respecting the author and their work. Give to get. If you don’t participate, your own submission will be removed and you will be cast into writers purgatory. Be honest and professional. Any personal attacks or rude behavior will be cause for your submission to be removed and for you to be banished to the nevermore. No exceptions. We expect in-depth feedback. No one liners or emotional reactions. If you have any questions about this then read the feedback others have left and get a clue. Make sure your submission is presentation ready. We don’t expect perfection, but we do expect your best effort. Finally, expect to be challenged. You may not like the feedback you get and you may not agree. That is your prerogative and you are free to take or reject it as you see fit, but retaliation will not be tolerated. Don’t test us on this one! This is a serious site for serious writers who want to take control of our own futures.
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