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Posted: 7/9/2010 6:31 PM PDT
One thing I do to find names is that I try to describe the character in one word then search for names that have mean that in some way. For example, one of my characters is very trustworthy and innocent. Also she had to have a unique name that started with the letter A. After much googling I came up with Amini and love it. Fits the character perfectly, even in ways most readers won't know. Hope this helps =)
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Posted: 7/7/2010 3:51 PM PDT
Since he's based on a real person, you could use his name but varied enough to give you plausible deniability. For instance, if the real guy is called John Smith, you could call your character Jonah Smythe. Alternatively, if the real guy isn't called John Smith, you could still use Jonah Smythe. It does have a certain ring to it, I think.
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Posted: 7/5/2010 9:00 PM PDT
I have a character who is based on a real person. The guy's a jerk and a clumsy idiot in the book and I haven't got a good name to portray him. Any ideas? Here's a clearer description: he's 13, annoying, and new to a magical world, he's a villain who wants to forget his past life on earth. He's not the MC though.
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