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Posted: 6/24/2016 5:02 AM PDT
Thanks so much! I'd love to hear any feedback you have! And I'll take a look at The Sleepy Creepy!
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Posted: 6/23/2016 11:16 PM PDT
On my day off of time off from work, I will be interested in reading your work. I like your title Tobin's Window. There's another on here that I am interested in reading called The Special Jar. I sent you and the author a friend request. And when I have a little more time off, I will and get you feedback on your book. I submitted three new chapters for The Sleepy Creepy series in book one. And if you have spare time, would you please give me valuable feedback and I will do the same thing for you! Have fun writing!
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Posted: 6/23/2016 8:07 AM PDT
I thought I just posted something but I don't see it posted, so I'm posting again, so please forgive the double posts if the original decides to pop up at the same time this one does.
I'd like some feedback on my first chapter of Tobin's Window.
I'd be glad to read anything you've done as well.
Thanks so much

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