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Something not working the way it should?  Let us know here.
Posted: 2/15/2014 2:08 PM PST
I am also a new member. I was able to submit my P2F, however, I just realized that it omitted my book summary! This is terrible, right? How will this influence rating, I must wonder. I would like to try to fix it-- but there seem to be no edit options available. Should I delete it and start over with a new one? I have only been rated three times.  Advice please!
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Posted: 8/19/2013 2:02 AM PDT


Just to let you know that this glitch is currently being looked at and we hope to have it fixed soon.

Thanks for alerting us to the issue!

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Posted: 8/19/2013 12:32 AM PDT
Oh yes. I see it now. Thanks so much.
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Posted: 8/18/2013 4:35 PM PDT
It's there, I just checked.  It's like a half-inch under the box.  If you put your cursor directly between "Currently closed to new submissions" and "Why?" and move it down a half an inch you'll see a gray box that says "Apply."  I wish I knew how to post screen shots on here so I could show you but, alas, I am not that technologically inclined...

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Posted: 8/18/2013 4:09 PM PDT
Hi Finnean,
thanks for the welcome and the advice. There doesn't seem to be an apply box right now, but hopefully it will be fixed. It's good to know it's not me anyhow
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Posted: 8/18/2013 1:02 PM PDT
Hi RJ!  Welcome to WeBook.
It is just a glitch.  I'm sure they're working on fixing it.  But the actual button to submit is a little one outside of the box.  If you look down about an inch below it, just under where it says "Meet the Agents" there's a little box that says "Apply."  If you click that, it'll let you enter Page to Fame.
Like I said, little glitch, should be fixed soon.  Good luck!
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Posted: 8/18/2013 8:35 AM PDT
Hi, I'm a new member. and I can't get the Page to Fame submission to work. Clicking on the submit button just takes me to a checkbox for the type of submission (chapter or short). Is this facility blocked at the moment? Is it to do with my browser (i am using Firefox)?
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