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Posted: 2/11/2015 6:17 PM PST
Oh thanks. I actually started writing before I read your reply. But I could change the start once I'm done if I have to better fit what the ending ends up being.
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Posted: 2/10/2015 3:13 AM PST
Maybe start at the scene of a 'hit'. Either the build up to or the final act or the assassin's thoughts of having just done it?

I wouldn't worry too much about the start, just start and I think you may find you'll go back to rewrite the opening when you've finished the story. Jump in and see where you end up before worrying about where you start.

Well, that's what I would do, anyway.

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Posted: 2/8/2015 4:41 PM PST
One thing that's torn at me for months now is how to start off an action story properly.
How do I do a good first page
It's a story that takes place on a fictional Earth in the near-ish future. (Probably in the 2020-2030's.) About an assassin of sorts. Filling out contracts on certain targets who reside in a secret society for, of course, money. So he can finally live at least decently instead of either in his worn down apartment or on the streets.

I felt like jumping right into it and starting with some fight or chase scene; or maybe with the assassin just sitting around at first but I'm willing to wager these are almost clichès.

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