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Posted: 12/15/2014 3:21 PM PST
A big thing that has always helped me is to undergo a series of personal steps first. You know your project better than anyone, so you want it polish it to the best of your personal ability, at least in my own eyes. So here's my personal steps, and hopefully you can take something from here that would be helpful!!
1. Crank out entire project. Even if it's a horrible first draft, remember that it's just that! A first draft!! Just get it written.
2.Rewrite entire project onto a word processor. The word processor will do a lot of the spelling corrections for you if you go through spell check.
3.Print project, and pick a pen color. Go through each chapter with ONE pen color, focusing on ONE thing. For me, I used a baby blue for all of my grammar and punctuation. Then once I was finished, I went through with a pink pen to make plot and character development and relationship notes. I used a purple pen to mark places to add details or filler or events, or to omit. I suggest going through the complete project twice before doing any character or plot editing. Focus on grammar, spelling, timeline, setting first, because that will give you a chance to really have read through the project. I made notes of ideas and plot point along the way, so once I was into character and plot revision I already had started because along the way I'd made notes. 
5.REPRINT. Take in your project as a whole. Take your time reading it. Make editing notes and adjustments along the way! 
7.REprint, or repost on WeBook as your wholly revised draft.
I hope some of this helps!! 
Happy writing, girl! Get it written!

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Posted: 11/10/2014 9:43 PM PST
I would say that writing is the important thing and you seem to be able to get your ideas on paper. Your ideas are what are unique and make a story successful.

I am a fan of reading and am good at grammar/spelling/punctuation, like many other people, who can do the less creative part of the writing process and help you polish up your writing. I actually go on webook specifically so I can read good stories and help out writers as I go. However, you may be interested in getting some official help rather than volunteer assistance. I know that on you can spend $5 to have someone review a good portion of your writing. I have one of the many postings offering this service there. There are tons of people available who can help.
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Posted: 8/11/2014 12:38 PM PDT
I truly suck at editing. You know how most people learn proper punctuation, spelling, and grammar in grade school? Well I didn't, I moved around too much. Sure I can write a coherent piece of work that people can understand. The real problem is it doesn't read as well as it should. I would greatly appreciate any advice on editing that you have. Also if you know of sites for editing it would be greatly appreciated.

I have two sites which I use now that other's might find helpful as well.

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