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Posted: 11/7/2010 10:39 PM PST
I can't provide a starting sentence... However, I can provide some ideas. Do not start with: Opening eyes Awaking from a dream Describing the landscape Pondering anything Thinking Wanting Knowing As you can see most of these are not action based. Also, many Agents and Editors express how they dread reading all about the setting before anything else. If you feel you need to describe the scenery, do so. Then get to the protagonist and delete everything prior to that point. I speak from personal experience here. In my now completed novel, I had about 800 words that set the mood and described the scene. It was great! My first sentence was (in MHO) a classic - "The sun burned down through the silver sky." I then wrote several pages about the desolate landscape and the horrible condition of the earth. Six people agreed to read the first 20 pages. ALL of them put down the ms before they got to the main character. All of them said it was boring. I deleted all of that and all six loved it. Follow me on Twitter as I build my base and seek representation for my novel.
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Posted: 11/6/2010 11:55 AM PST
ok so im not sure how i should start my story any starting sentence would be fine!.(:
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