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Your one and only place in the forums to introduce your project.  Include enough information in your overview to make us say, "Hey, I've got to put down my cheesburger, turn off the TV, and read this."  Include a link for easy access.
Posted: 7/21/2015 3:45 AM PDT
The Topic is a bit false. This isn't a whole new start it was something i posted but didn't like how it first came out nothing about it was good.
The story title is May the First Stars Fall it is a short story about Tis'ma and Stal'tis the main leads written in the heroine's point of view. Having to hope that nothing will happen after a fail operation by her nations army the queen and her have to meet the leader of the other nation.
I would love to have any feedback on the story as well as if you see any errors or editing mistakes you don't have to tell me where. But if you do see any I would like to know so i can go find them and fix them. I will also read something and leave some feedback if you want me to as well.

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