Frequently Asked Questions:

Why do I need AgentInbox?

  • Managing your slush is easier and faster with AgentInbox—you can access your submissions remotely; delete or send automated rejections with a few clicks; sort them by genre or date; and add notes to submissions of interest.
  • Higher quality submissions—WEbook’s quality screening, filters out submissions that don’t match your interests or fall short of basic editorial standards.
  • Lighten the load on your regular email inbox, so you can focus on more important tasks, like managing your new and existing clients.
  • With 75+ participating literary agents, over 100 partial or full manuscript requests, and one major success story, AgentInbox is quickly becoming the savvy agent’s secret weapon.

How does it work?

  • Registration is fast, easy, and free.
  • Create a quick profile telling authors about yourself and your submission requirements.
  • Authors submit synopses, personalized queries, and manuscript samples according to your preferences.
  • WEbook screens all submissions to make sure they’re accurate, complete, and professional.
  • Browse queries in an easy online interface. Reject unsuitable submissions with a single click, and contact the gems directly. Your privacy is assured — we never disclose your contact info.

Does it cost anything?

  • AgentInbox is free for literary agents, and agents are not paid for their participation. We abide by the Canon of Ethics put forth by the Association of Author Representatives, which states that literary agents should not receive payment for reviewing submissions.
  • There is no charge to writers for basic AgentInbox services, including submitting synopses, queries, and manuscript samples to any participating agents who match their genre interests.
  • For a fee $9.95, authors can upgrade to AgentInbox Tracking to access enhanced features for a 6 month period. Tracking allows writers to find out when agents have viewed their submissions, and which parts of their submissions—such as the synopsis, query, or sample—have been viewed. Tracking also provides a Comments field for easier organization of notes.
  • Agents contact writers directly, and upgrading to Tracking does not affect an author’s ability to send submissions or receive responses from agents.

Who is behind it?

  • AgentInbox is powered by, a company recognized by USA Today, The Washington Post, and Forbes for its innovative fusion of writing and social networking.
  • WEbook is one of the fastest-growing communities of writers on the Web — over 45,000 book projects and counting!
  • AgentInbox is born from WEbook’s experience working with new writers on the Web. We put you on the cutting edge so you can find the fresh, marketable books you need to thrive in an evolving publishing climate.

Who else is on board?

How do I get started?

  • Click "sign up" to send us your contact information.
  • WEbook will get in touch with you to verify your information and set you up as an approved agent in our system.
  • Once you’re approved, set up your profile, giving as much or as little information as you like. You can edit your settings at any time as your needs change.

How is my privacy protected?

  • AgentInbox sets up a virtual wall between writers and agents. Writers submit queries to your inbox, you view only what you’re interested in, and contact writers directly.
  • Writers see only what you include in your profile.
  • We never share your personal information, email addresses, or other contact information with writers.