Introduction to AgentInbox

Agents often serve a pivotal role in the publishing process. Not only do they facilitate most of the deals made between writers and large publishers, they are often a writer’s first editor and his or her greatest champion throughout the entire publication process.

Submitting to AgentInbox: The Basics

  • The Role of Literary Agents: Many literary agents do a lot more than sell books to publishers. For more info about the range of services good agents provide, check out the WEbook blog’s agent columnist, Kenneth Wright.
  • Agent Commission: In exchange for their services, literary agents earn a percentage of all revenues generated by a published book—the commission is fairly standard –15 percent, increasing to 20 percent on any sales of foreign rights. The commission is typically not negotiable.
  • Agents Help You Get Published: Not every writer needs an agent. But if you want to get published by a major publishing house – the kind that puts books on the shelves of most big bookstores – an agent can be a big help, even a necessity.
  • Fiction Manuscripts: If you write fiction, you will need a complete, polished manuscript before you start looking for an agent. Your book should be as close to perfect as you can make it. If you submit a book to an agent that isn’t ready yet, you may not get a second chance with that agent.
  • Personalize Your Submission: Do your homework, and make it show. Be sure that the agent to whom you’re submitting is interested in the kind of book you have to offer. Personalize your submission, so it doesn’t look like a form letter.
  • Read the Agent's Requirements: Read the agent’s requirements carefully, and submit exactly and only what the agent requests.
  • Check and Re-check Your Submission: Treat your submission to AgentInbox like an application for your dream job. Pay close attention to spelling, grammar, punctuation, and other details.
  • Be Professional: Lastly, be professional in every regard. If agent is interested in your work, they will also be keen to see you conduct yourself in a business-like manner.