AgentInbox Guide to Using AgentInbox

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What is AgentInbox?

It’s the best way of making a great first impression on the ideal literary agent!

AgentInbox is an easy-to-use service that prepares publication-ready authors to connect with an impressive roster of reputable, vetted literary agents . It’s the savvy writer’s secret weapon:

  • Stand out. Literary agents pay attention to AgentInbox because every submission is pre-screened for quality—and you get detailed feedback to make sure you make a great first impression.

  • Submit with precision. AgentInbox automatically matches you with agents who are looking for your genre of writing, so you’re never off base.

  • Get it right every time. Customize your query and manuscript samples and submit to multiple agents at once. Reach as many agents as possible while making them all feel like “the one.”

  • Take it to the next level. AgentInbox tutorials provide tips about what agents expect and how to write perfect query letters, manuscript samples, and non-fiction book proposals.

  • Save time, save money. Don’t waste valuable resources scouring out-of-date agent lists—focus on your writing and winning over agents.

How does AgentInbox work?

Need a visual? Watch this how-to video.

  1. Get matched: AgentInbox is home to an impressive roster of quality agents. We automatically show you the agents who are interested in your genre, so you can quickly find the perfect match for your book.
  2. Create your submission: Enter your book’s stats, including the title, genre, synopsis and manuscript word count. You can save your info and return at any time, or make changes later.
  3. Send it out: Choose your agents and hit send. You can customize your query for different agents, and only the agents you choose will see your work. You can also customize your manuscript sample according to specific agents’ requirements, or paste in your complete book proposal.

Do literary agents receive payment from WEbook?

Absolutely not.

We abide by the Canon of Ethics put forth by the Association of Author Representatives, which states that literary agents should not receive payment for reviewing submissions.

Who is behind it?

AgentInbox is powered by, a company recognized by USA Today, The Washington Post, Publishers Weekly, and Forbes for its innovative fusion of writing and social networking.

WEbook is the fastest-growing community of writers on the Web – over 50,000 book projects and counting! WEbook knows that it takes more than a great book idea to make it in today’s publishing world. AgentInbox was born from WEbook’s experience working with new writers. We know what it takes to find a great agent.

Are results guaranteed?

  • AgentInbox guarantees that your submission will be sent to the agent(s) you select, after WEbook confirms that it meets basic submission standards.
  • AgentInbox cannot guarantee that you’ll be signed by an agent. The decision to represent an author is highly subjective, and can only be made by individual agents without the input of WEbook.
  • Good news spreads fast, and agents know they can find high-quality work through AgentInbox. So, while we can’t guarantee representation, we do believe that AgentInbox will lead to publishing success for many writers. Learn about AgentInbox success stories.

Create your submission: Enter your book’s stats, including the title, genre, synopsis and manuscript word count. You can save your info and return at any time, or make changes later.

Does AgentInbox cost anything?

AgentInbox is free. We used to provide a tracking service that allowed more visibility into how much of the submission was read by agents and when but the tracking service is no longer available. 

Why does WEbook review my submission?

    WEbook reviews each submission to make sure it fulfills the minimum submission requirements specified by the agents. The review eliminates many evidently inappropriate queries and raises the quality and usefulness of Agent Inbox to participating agents. The reviewer verifies that the query letter conforms to industry standards and has no typos or grammatical errors.

    The result of the evaluation is one of two: the query may be forwarded over to the queried agents, or the reviewer may suggest some change. If the submission is generally in good form the author may reject any advice and ask to pass the query along as is, which reviewers are inclined to do as long as they feel the query is professional.

What if I don't think I need a review?

    Unfortunately we cannot forward queries to agents without a review. Your query may not need it, but the one following it may do, and there's no way for us to know. And even experienced authors sometimes make a last minute typo that can be saved upon a second review.

How long does the WEbook evaluation take?

    It usually takes 3-4 days for us to get to your query. In rare circumstances it can take another day or two.

How do I know when I am ready to submit to AgentInbox?

How do I submit to more than one agent?

It’s easier than ever to submit to more than one agent with AgentInbox’s batch submission tool.

Choose agents from the list of those interested in your book’s genre and personalize your query for each of them.  You can also easily tailor your manuscript samples to make sure every agent gets what they’re looking for—AgentInbox will automatically match each agent with the right sample version.

Should I customize my query letter for each agent?

Yes. Many agents expect you to explain why you are interested in being represented by them. Perhaps you’re a big fan of one of their author’s books; your book is similar to a book they’ve represented; you read an article where they were quoted; or saw them speak at a writer’s conference.

Agents are looking for books that resonate with their unique interests and specialties, and the query letter is your chance to prove that you’re a good match. Check out sample query letters.

What if the agents I select have different submission requirements?

If the agents you select have different submission requirements, don’t worry. You do not have to create multiple submissions. AgentInbox’s batch submission tool makes it easy to send customized queries and samples to as many agents as you want. Just create a single submission for each book, and choose which agents you’d like to query. Upload tailor-made query letters and manuscript samples, and mix and match to make sure every agent gets exactly what they’re looking for.

Can I update my submission?

Yes! You can update your synopsis, query, bio, book proposal and/or manuscript sample(s) any time you want during your subscription period. Updated submissions will be sent to any new agents you choose—updates will not be sent to agents you’ve already submitted to.

Can I submit short stories or other short works to agents using AgentInbox?

Most literary agents only represent authors of full-length books—they are not looking for individual short pieces from new authors. Some literary agents do represent authors of full-length collections of short stories. As with all fiction books, it is advisable that you finish the complete collection before looking for an agent. Before submitting a query and samples from a collection of shorts, please make sure that the agent you’re contacting has specified that he or she accepts this type of work.

If you have only a few short pieces, you may not be ready for a literary agent. Instead, consider submitting a story to PageToFame Shorts for a shot at recognition, review by publishing professionals, and wide distribution online. There are also numerous online and traditional paper literary magazines that accept unsolicited submissions of individual short works.