Manuscript Sample

Your manuscript sample is probably the easiest to prepare for AgentInbox – because it should already be done, right?
Keep in mind what agents are looking for when reviewing a manuscript sample:

  • For fiction writers especially, agents want to read a sample of your work to evaluate the quality of your writing.
  • Your manuscript sample should be a few chapters of your finished book—usually the first one to three chapters of your book, or about 50 pages.
  • Make your first few pages sizzle! If you don’t grab an agent’s attention right away, he or she probably won’t keep reading. Every sentence has to give the reader a reason to keep going.
  • Every agent is different. If an agent’s profile specifies what he or she is looking for in a manuscript sample, be sure the follow the instructions exactly!
  • If an agent is interested in your book after reading your query and manuscript sample, he or she will ask to see more.
  • Even though you may only be submitting a few chapters at first, always make sure you have a completed and polished manuscript ready before you approach an agent. If the agent asks to see the whole book and you’re not ready, you likely won’t get another chance. This is especially true for writers who haven’t published a book yet.