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Give a Great Review

Your Round 3 ratings determine which manuscript samples are sent to the publishing pros and ultimately help decide who wins PageToFame. Along with your numerical rating, you should also provide a more in-depth review of the 50-page sample to help writers benefit even further from your honest feedback. Remember, only a select handful of Expert Raters review this work, so your voice really counts! Please do your best to provide a thorough, thoughtful review.

The basics

  • Be concise. Your review must be between about 50 and 600 words long.
  • Be honest. Share your opinion about what works and what doesn’t. If you didn’t make it through the whole sample, include that information in your review—and say why.
  • Be specific. Back up general statements with concrete examples from the text.
  • Be balanced. Include details about both what you liked and what needs work. Try to begin each review section with something positive.
  • Be constructive. When possible, provide suggestions for improvement.
  • What to Include in Your Review

    PageToFame provides a basic outline for your review, but feel free to make changes. If you don’t have anything to say about an element on the outline, leave it off, or add categories of your own. Your review should be between about 50 and 600 words long. Even if you don’t finish a sample, please provide a brief review explaining why you didn’t get to the end, and give the writer a few suggestions for improvement.

    The Outline

    Category DescriptionExample
    How far did you read? If you didn’t read to the end, please explain. You don’t have to finish a sample in order to review it. To help writers put your feedback in context, let us know how far you got, and if you didn’t finish, why not. I read the first two pages of the sample. I didn’t read more because the idea wasn’t original enough, and the main character was extremely unappealing.
    Overall impression, including how far you read. Give a basic sense of what you liked and what didn’t work for you. No need to go into detail—you can do that later. This was an enjoyable read with a fast-paced plot and plenty of action. I would need to see stronger character development to keep me interested in more.
    Premise or concept Give your opinion of the book’s basic idea, including an assessment of its originality and plausibility. I love the idea of a centuries-old conspiracy being discovered by a group of high school friends, but I didn’t buy the involvement of the Russian mafia.
    Quality of the writing Give your assessment of the writing. This can cover everything from basic spelling and grammar to subtleties of style and voice. The writing is competent, with few errors, but I found the narrator’s voice to be over-the-top and stereotypical, with too many familiar “hard-boiled” phrases in the dialogue.
    Plot, structure, and pacing Share your thoughts about how the story unfolds. Include your opinion about the events of the plot—are they plausible? Exciting? Intriguing?—as well as the way the writer presents them. I enjoyed the reverse chronological order of the story. Starting at the end helped build suspense. However, the action slowed down too much during flashbacks to the protagonist’s birth.
    Character development Review the effectiveness of the story’s major characters. Did you care about them? Did they seem real and original? Would you want to read more about them? The main character is great. The fact that he’s both a car mechanic and a chess prodigy makes him complex without seeming like a contradiction. The girlfriend is flat, though—I only saw one dimension to her personality.
    Other comments Include anything else that you think would help the writer improve the book! I could see this as a trilogy, with the second book set in the French Riviera!