WEbook and Level 4 Press joined forces to create a five-book series of poetry on a range of themes, including modern nursery rhymes, ghosts and evil, romance, nature, and faith. In an unique twist, each book in the series mixes the poetry of well-known masters with emerging poets, many of whom were culled from the ranks of WEBook.

Immerse youself in the poety of Robert Frost, Emily Dickinson, Ralph Waldo Emerson, and many more. The best part? You are supporting 27 fellow WEbookers! Get your copies today!

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Poems of Ghosts, Evil and Superstition

Robert Browning, WEbookers LondisCarpenter, JDarrow, and others contribute poems about ghouls, ghosts,mayhem, and murder. The perfect contribution to a summer camping trip or a Halloween hayride.

Poems of Romance
Be inspired to finally tell her how you feel. Walt Whitman, John Donne, T.S.Elliott, WEbookers WinterJazz and Ruchira  come together with others in this compedium of verse about beauty, lust, committment, and of course, love.

Poems of Nature
A collection of the countryside sounds and senses. The perfect companion for the day-dreaming city-dweller. Plus, contributions from four WEbookers!

Modern Nursery Rhymes
Rhymes with updated language, plots, and twists like this one: "There once was a sparrow named Gus / When flying he'd make such a fuss; / He'd sniffle and snort, / 'Cos his wings were too short / And he'd rather travel by bus." -Gus, the Sparrow, by WEbook's own Winterjazz.

Poems of Inspiration and Faith
This collection blends different perspectives on faith from all of the world, past and present, including Ralph Waldo Emerson, Robert Frost, and nine WEbook poets.