Top Ten Topics for Writers
brought to you by Poets & Writers

Through WEbook's partnership with Poets & Writers, we present the Top Ten Topics for Writers, a complete round-up of the most popular and pressing issues for writers. Poets & Writers is the nation's largest nonprofit literary organization for creative writers. It has served as an information clearinghouse of all matters related to writing for almost four decades. Click here for a special Poets & Writers magazine offer.

  • Literary Magazines
    Most writers get the attention of editors, agents, and other writers by publishing first in literary magazines. Get the advice you need on the submission process right here.
  • Publishing a Book
    You wrote a book, what next? Start here. Poets & Writers outlines what you need to know when it comes to publishing a book.
  • Literary Agents
    Already checked out the AgentInbox tutorials and Literary Agent's Corner on WEbook? Get the rest of the scoop on Literary Agents at
  • Writing Contests
    Information about contests and prizes available to poets, fiction writers, and creative non-fiction writers.
  • Vanity Presses
    Writer Beware. What to watch out for.
  • Copyright
    You own the copywright to anything you write. Check out the Glossary of Rights at Poets & Writers.
  • Book Publicity
    This is your book! Find out the best tactics to get the word out. (Pssst...don't wait for your publisher...get going!)
  • Writers Conferences, Colonies and Workshops
    Find out the benefits of attending a writers conference and research the best conference for your needs.
  • MFA Programs
    Get all the basics on MFA programs: What an MFA degree can offer, how to choose the right program and other resources.
  • Literary Organizations
    Regional and national literary organizations help writers by providing them with resources and technical assistance, grants, awards and workshops.