Query Letter Sample #2: The Thorny End of August Write & submit your query!

by WEbook Editors

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Dear [Agent Name],

I’m writing to see if you might be interested in representing my novel, The Thorny End of August.

When Gus Boroughs gets fired from his job as a petroleum geologist, his life begins to unravel at an alarming rate. His wife casually announces that she has been having an affair for years, and is leaving him for another man. His truck is stolen from his driveway, along with the expensive tools he kept in the bed, and he accidentally burns his house down after putting himself into a drunken stupor.

Not dead yet, Gus decides to take the insurance money from his burned down house and stolen tools, and moves to Ketchum, Idaho—a remote but affluent resort town. There, he meets Linda Hartshorne, a worn-down, middle aged celebrity hiding out from a recent publicity nightmare. Together, they form an uneasy friendship that lasts for the summer season.

Eventually, Linda is called back to L.A. so that she may resume her celebrity lifestyle. She leaves Ketchum with both her and Gus wanting something more, but afraid to do anything about it. Alone again, Gus heads off into the Idaho mountains, unsure of what his next step in life will be.

I have been writing short stories and poetry since childhood, but this is the first work for which I have sought representation. I lived in Idaho for many years, and worked as a busboy in a Ketchum resort hotel, which allowed me to re-create the town in a vivid and realistic light.

The Thorny End of August is a 90,000 word, completed work of literary fiction.

As requested, I have included the first fifty pages of my manuscript as a sample. I hope that you like what you see. I’d be thrilled to send more.


Bruce Grainstalk