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    I am my own person. I am who I am and no one can change that.

    I make mistakes and regret them. I am human and I am not perfect; so please don't expect me to be!

    I'm obsessed with only a few things. Horses and old romance movies. Pride and Prejudice is my one greatest weakness and the one movie that inspires me to no end!

    I guess you could say the romance in those movies help to make up for the romance I am lacking in my own life.

    I love music! Rock, emo punk, pop and rap...anything that is great for dancing!

    I want to be able to drive fast down the down and music blasting.

    I have an amazing job-with amazing people.

    My life may not be perfect or easy but I wouldn't trade it for anything.

    I've never dated...and I've never TRULY been 'in love'...yet! That may change soon...but I am not sure yet.

    I have problems with my appearance. I'm no model and I'm not the prettiest girl on the block...but I'm fighting to be happy with how I look. It's an on going battle.

    I am unpredictable and sometimes plain scary. My moods vary all the time and they effect my writing. For proof...check out my book "From the heart." A collection of poems that were effected by my emotions.

    My biggest fear in life, is that I'll never be good enough for anyone, and end up as the old cat lady who lives down the street.

    I also have some very weird fears, such as;
    Stenophobia and Acrophobia << Fear of narrow places and ladders...yes..I am weird!

    I talk about myself WAY too much; but I am also a great listener! I joined this site so I could keep in touch with one of my friends who joined a little while ago. <3

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