• Currently working on short stories, challenge subs, and 'Elements of Time' the first of a 'duology' with a supernatural slant...and some romance, of course.

    'Elements of Time' is a private WeBook project, but if you'd like to read and give feedback, please let me know.

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In short

  • Firstly, if you'd like more information on 'The Lifelight Series' or the chance to play 'tag' or 'hide and seek' with a couple of Lifelights, visit: (they're usually floating around on there!)

    Alina Voyce is a pseudonym. In the real world I answer to the name 'Sue' but found that my birth name wasn't nearly memorable enough for an author.

    I am a wife, the mother of two adults (who have recently moved out of the family home, and left me to write in unaccustomed peace!), and I have, up until now, lived in East Yorkshire for my entire life (though that may soon be changing).

    The stories I write are a mesh of ideas generated by who I am and who I imagine I am as part of a plot-line. I like to create multi-layered fiction that crosses genres, but ultimately I'm a romantic--so that's usually what I end up writing.

    Currently, I'm working on the first of two books with a supernatural slant. I'd like to get at least the first draft of 'Elements of Time' finished by the end of 2017, as I intend to apply for the 'New Writer' scheme run by the Romantic Novelist's Association at the beginning of 2018--and I'd like to have something to send for critique.

    Personal Anecdotes: As with most ideas, Lifelights was inspired by something simple. 
    Early one morning, as I sat drinking my first coffee of the day, sunlight hit a crystal ornament on the kitchen window ledge. Suddenly, the walls and ceiling were covered in prismatic flashes of colour. 
    It was as I watched these, enjoying the light display and marvelling at how an energy form can be transformed so easily, that I began to wonder what would happen if those flashes of colour were 'alive'... and so, the Lifelights were born.

    Prequel Novella: Hunting Light
    Book 1 - Lifelights
    Book 2 - Light Evolution
    Book 3 - 21st Century Light 
    Book 4 - Chemical Light
    Book 5 - New Age Light

    Favourite Quote: 'Imagination is more important than knowledge' - Albert Einstein

    Ok, Make that 'Favourite Quote(s)' courtesy of janbel - Dreams, final chapter:  'Life is what happens when you're expecting something else' - how true is that?

  • I am a WeBook published author!

    Also, the cake I made for my son's 21st (based on the board game Ticket to Ride) was featured on the 'Ticket to Ride' Facebook page and out-performed all of their 'corporate' posts. I had messages from all over the world! Now I just have to get that same reaction to my books...and I'll be one happy writer!

    And if you're interested in decorated cakes, here's a few I made earlier:

My Favorites: Reading and Writing

  • Fiction: Romance, Sci Fi/Fantasy

    Non-Fiction: Art, Architechture & Photography, History, Home & Garden, Outdoors & Nature, Travel

  • Too many to list - but some of the potentially less known/unusual authors on my fave books list are Mary Stewart for Touch Not The Cat, Paul Gallico for the Mrs Harris books and...Dr Seuss!
  • I'm a voracious reader who truly adores her kindle and the freedom it brings to carry hundreds of books with me, wherever I go.  When not on that though, I enjoy browsing through other peoples WeBook Projects! 

    There are some very talented people on WeBook - a reader's feast! :)
  • Curled up on the sofa by our kitchen window with a mug of coffee....
  • As well as 'The Lifelight Series', I have published a collection of short stories called 'Betty Sue's Teatime Tales', I have a 'free reads' page on my website, and I have just entered my first 'paid entry' fiction competition.
  • Fiction: Romance, Sci Fi/Fantasy

  • Mara Austin - of course!  :)
  • A plethora of talented individuals who would take too long to remember and list!