• I find everything around me cliche'. Why can't people be creative? Is there no originality out there anymore?

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  • I've noticed I have a lot to catch up on. So many people have forgotten about me and my intensity in writing. I remember when I first made my account that I wanted to be the best. Procrastination has got the better of me. I plan to change this. Until then ")

    NOTICE: Please STOP sending me FORUM invites. Like in messages. Thank you.

    "The trade of authorship is a violent and indestructible obsession."

    I'm not very good at "About Me's", but I'll try.
    "I like to ramble, never getting to the heart."

    My name is Aulie Zander, I am 17 years young. And very BLUNT.
    I'm very self-conscious about people reading my work. I adore FEEDBACK I want to improve my skills and from me to you, I have a unique skill of bringing a story out of nowhere and into something authentic and truly my own. It may take me sometime but I feel I can do it. I literally have a stack of notebooks that I have filled out with stories. Only one is finished but I'm in the process of rewriting. I honestly don't know my weakness as a writer...I hope this site helps me with that.
    Also, maybe, slightly, possibly I want to be a Editor; someone who helps fellow writers. The only problem with that is, If I don't like your story or can't get into it, then I will put that book down and never pick it up again. I can be harsh sometimes, though my personality is a combination of shy, outgoing, attitude, mischief, and aerious. And yes that is a word. [look it up] That word I feel like describes me in every different way there is, in which are all good.
    One thing you must know about me..I'm the kind of person who has conversations in her head. I'm constantly talking to myself, or my characters. You just never know what I'm thinking about.
    Writing is a passion of mine I figured out in 6th grade when I was graced to be put in writing class once I quit band. Soon after I found myself talking to my writing teacher/ librarian about you know-writing stuff. I can’t remember the details. It didn’t completely hit home that I like to write or I was good at it until; our class of 10-15 [can’t remember the numbers] students was assigned to write a short story about what ever you wanted to. Well I wrote something dark and gloomy relating to suicide. [I’m not sure where it came from, I’m not gloomy or suicidal etc.] It just came out on paper. At the end of the week, we had to read it to class. Keep in mind this class was rowdy and was full of mischief little kids who didn’t take this class seriously. One by one people read theirs out loud. The kids would snicker and giggle just because they could while some one was reading. Finally when I went up and started to read they began to giggle but after a moment they stopped and really listened to my 6 page short story. [I still have it] And when I was done they just stared, but not in a bad way. Someone even said “wow, that’s messed up, poor girl” etc. After that I have really taken off as a writer. I’m so desperate to publish something, but sadly I don’t have anything done officially. I’m surprised if you have read this far in to my “about me.” I don’t usually put this much thought into it, but I just have this urge to tell the Webooker community about my journey as a non [yet] famous writer.
    These are my plans for the future.This is more into the future right after high school. Go to a community college for two years then hopefully to a university for the last two or four years that incorporate –Japanese language and culture [hopefully teach it] Study English, literature and creative writing and anything else that relates to my passions. Ohh and maybe study up on artistic stuff. I love to draw but not the greatest though I know I have a small talent for it.

    I like to come up with ideas that are way out there.
    1) I'm a self proclaimed writer named Aulie Zander
    [Who hopes to write something as intriguing as Pride&Prejudice] [I love that movie, hope to actually read the book soon.]
    2) I am studying Japanese
    3)Read Pride&Prejudice [Check! Am doing so NOW.]
    4)I love to draw, [maybe be an artist too...] [I will eventually show you the drawing I drew of the "Aulie" in my Alice in Wonderland story. It's real good. ^_^]
    5) My friend and I are planning on making a website.
    6) I need a JOB.
    7) Wants to buy a blue fire bird for 4 thousand. [Is that reasonable?]
    8 I want to be a spy. [CIA] [maybe >_<]
    9) Over come my favorite author Amelia Atwater-Rhodes. [She was great and I want to be like her only more so.]
    10) Fucking knock the socks off of Stephenie Meyers. [Hoorahh.]-(sp)
    11) Travel and explore the WORLD. ")
    12) Own a Coffee Shop with my twin sister and best friend.
    13) Write a book that is inspired by Thumbelina. I love that movie Watch it with my Niece every time.
    14) ALICE HUMAN SACRIFICE- I'm going to be writing this story. I got inspired by this song, which is called " " I'll put up a project explaining exactly what it it, but I'm not sure when a chapter will be up, I'm busy with my other projects. I just want it up so I don't forget and I want to show you guys. =] It's Brilliant, I promise. ^_-
    15)Still thinking...
    Get any ideas, message me. ")

    [[[ 3-26-10-Okay,’s a life lesson from me to you. Don't speed on a dirt road corner, you'll end up in the ditch with your sister next to you saying "What the hell was that!!" and because of the of adrenaline you wont know it but later you will have whip-lash. So what have we learned from this random post on a girl's Webook. Be safe when driving and don't speed. A stupid teenager thing to do.]]]

    I've noticed that even though its summer and I should have more time to write, I find I'm lazy. Quite so its sickening.  I'm really sorry if you enjoyed my stories and I've just halted progress. I still write in my notebooks, but putting this stuff up  on Webook is time consuming.
    Summer always goes fast. But I plan to enjoy it  whether I be taking naps, at the library, Ice coffee, writing, dancing, making money and buying what I want. etc.
    Until my next update ")

  • "this is my one and only life, and it's a great and terrible, short and endless thing, and none of us come out of it alive"

My Favorites: Reading and Writing

  • Fiction: Action/Adventure, Experimental, Horror, Humor/Satire, Short Story, Teen, Thriller/Suspense

  • I don't have favorite books...I've read so many..Its most definitely not Twilight.
  • Everything and Nothing.
  • In my room, where I'm shut off from everybody.
  • Too many projects unfinished..
  • Fiction: Action/Adventure, Experimental, Horror, Military/Espionage, Short Story, Thriller/Suspense

  • Ceri Ridge...don't know then you haven't read.
  • Amelia Atwater-Rhodes has inspired me from the very beginning I picked up one of her books.