• I am working on my latest book, 'Ben Coleman's Interesting Ideas' and also 'The Coleman Project'

General details

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In short

  • I love music and drama ~ I love to writing scripts ~ poems ~ short stories and songs.

    I have been writing from about the age 13 ~ finishing my very first Novel at 14 ~ it was a bit shabby ~ but still. Writing is awesome! I went on allot of musical tours with the Norfolk County Youth Orchestra ~ One to Austria ~ Another to New York ~ Amazing place and we were quite good despite some mistakes. I am studying Music, Drama, English Language and Literature and Photography in 6th Form.

  • The Coleman Project

    'The Coleman Project' is a new and inspired project for the elite and unfounded talents of WEbook.  After the crash of 2013 WEbook suffered a tragic loss of both funds and support from its patrons, hence this project has been designed keep the morale and drive for success high here on WEbook!  Through this new and innovative project you will find some of the highest quality works untouched, untamed and unseen by the WEbook community.

    We all strive for excellence, here you will find those who have been striving in darkness and are now brought to light through this project.  All members of 'The Coleman Project - Group' will post onto the actual project board, one of their best works requested by one of the moderators of this group.  During the development of the project you will find yourself lost in a world of works by many different and unique authors.  Each writer is hand picked through a strict assessment system, so being chosen to be a member is not a guarantee! 

    We here at 'The Coleman Project'  Guarantee that no two writers will be the same, the selection for this project is strict and unique, every applicant will have most of their previous works looked at.  If we like what we see, you will then be CONSIDERED as a candidate, upon reviewing your works, we compare and contrast you with other writers and their writing styles... So in this case, the greater the contrast, the better the chances!  We look for unique writers and for that special something that is new, inspired and inspiring.

    This group plays host to those successful applicants and will act as the HQ for 'The Coleman Project'.


    In your application you must state,

    -Your name
    -A tiny bit about yourself.
    -Why you wish to be a member of this Unique group of people.
    -What you offer as a writer.
    -A link to your best Project.
    -What makes you different to every other WEbooker!

    Your application must be sent via email email to this address:

    Good luck!

    Ben Coleman

My Favorites: Reading and Writing

  • Fiction: Erotica, Experimental, Gay/Lesbian, Horror, Humor/Satire, Literary, Military/Espionage, Novella, Political, Short Story, Teen, Urban, Young Adult/Juvenile

    Non-Fiction: Body, Mind & Spirit, Computing & Internet, Gay/Lesbian, Humor, Memoir/Narrative Non-fiction, Politics & Current Affairs, Reference, Sex & Relationships, Women's Studies

    Screenplay: Comedy, Drama, General, Love/Romance, Musical, War

    Poetry: General

  • Of Mice And Men

    Inspector calls

    Far from the madding crowd

    Big Brother

    Nine-teen Eighty-Four

    1984 - amazing!
  • My room or with my girlfreind up on the 'Mill Lane' Hill. - Romantic.
  • Fiction: Erotica, Horror, Military/Espionage, Novella, Romance, Short Story

    Non-Fiction: Music, Reference

    Screenplay: War

    Poetry: General, Political, Romantic / Love

  • Dumbledore - lol, jokes, probably Gabriel Oak
  • Thomas Hardy, George Orwell, Bernard Schlink, Edgar Allan Poe.