• I am writing little by little of my current story. trying my best to take my time with details, i have postponed my other story because I realized i had gone through it quickly with not that much detail.

General details

  • CasAndDanke

  • Earth i think

  • Jennifer but please call me Oliver

  • not today satan, maybe tomorrow. gotta reschedule

  • Male

  • English

In short

  • 23\\ Transgender male\\ I write for fun and draw as well\\  Please read my stories and help me edit them by giving feedback, It helps me out and is extremely appreciated.

  • I just really want to publish a book someday. A lot of people say 'just post it online' That doesn't count as publishing a book. i want to hold my creation and maybe sell it.

My Favorites: Reading and Writing

  • Fiction: Fairytales, Folklore & Mythology, Gay/Lesbian, Horror, Sci Fi/Fantasy, Teen

    Non-Fiction: Science

  • bed room, living room
  • Fiction: Action/Adventure, Gay/Lesbian, Horror, Sci Fi/Fantasy, Teen

  • My character Cas.
  • R.L Stine
    Stephen King