• I am currently working on a poetry book.

General details

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  • Northeastern Illinois University

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In short

  • Hi, my name is Brittany T.G.Baker. I am a student, writer part- time- and thinker full time. I love to write- it's my dream. My style is commas. LIKE PERIODS Something complete. I Am not complete. So, I guess I'll have to let my standard sway across mountains of love and peace and final destiny. I am magnificent. I am a great speaker. My major aT the school I attend- Is English. Rather- Creative Writing. I love write poetry-

    My favorite movies is: Notebook, with Rachel McAddams, A Long Walk to Remember, A Time to Kill, Queen, Cinderalla, Malcolm X, Devil's Arethmetic, Shindler's List, Beloved, The Color Purple, Those Eyes Were Watching God. And many many more. LOL

    My favorite books: Carrie, Notebook,CATCHER IN THE RYE, WHEN THE CAGED BIRDS SING, PARADISE, LOVE,  Gossip Girl, Addicted, Sista Souljah,Aroundtheway girls, Nervous, Shame on it all, Dictionary, Creative Writing Books, Vocabulary Books, Ruth, White Oleander, Harry Potter. and many many more

    My favorite authors: Langston Hughes, John Grishsam, Stephen King, Zora Neal Hurston, Maya Angelou, J.R SANGLER, Toni Morrison. any many many more.

    My favorite: Story- Mine

  • Didnt grow up like the rest of the few- Uniqueness I'm My Realness- Reason is only accounted for when the darkness clears a path for the popular cultural human being like myself.

My Favorites: Reading and Writing

  • Poetry: General

  • where the heart is- the client- runaway jury- a time to kill- their eyes were watching god- the catcher in the rye- speak- confessions of a video vixen- why do the caged birds sing-
  • The White Oleander
  • the park- the Library
    at home now( it's quiet)
  • I write alot of Poetry, and I have been in many readings, reading my own poetry... my next stop is soul poetry
  • Poetry: General

  • I want to be my own character in my book confessions
  • John Grisham- Maya Angelou- Oprah Winfrey- edgar allen poe for short stories- emily dickinson for poems-alice walker- Langston hughes sISTER SOULJA