• Looking forward to Winter Break so that I can get some solid writing done... :)

General details

  • CrisZinn

  • South Africa

  • Cristy

  • English

In short

  • I love reading, writing and art of any kind.
    Music and graphic art inspire so many of my stories. I love how different art forms intertwine to feed off of each other... it's beautiful.
    I once heard a writer say that writer's don't write to get published (as coveted as that may be) but because they don't have a choice. That is exactly how I feel. I write because something must come out of me... and of course, I want to share what comes out.

  • I don't have one... yet.

My Favorites: Reading and Writing

  • Fiction: Action/Adventure, Children's, Fairytales, Folklore & Mythology, Graphic Novel, Humor/Satire, Literary, Mystery, Religious/Inspirational, Sci Fi/Fantasy, Teen, Thriller/Suspense, Young Adult/Juvenile

    Poetry: Song Lyrics

  • Probably The Hobbit by JRR Tolkien. More so for what it means to me than the content or the writing itself. This book was the catalyst for my own writing. The book that made me want to write new worlds....
  • Believe it or not I'm reading Jane Eyre... a classic gothic romance... I'm curious and enthralled. Feel like I'm time traveling!
  • Anywhere quiet.
  • if you want to read more of what I've written then visit my website:
  • Fiction: Action/Adventure, Sci Fi/Fantasy, Teen, Young Adult/Juvenile

    Poetry: Song Lyrics

  • Lucy in The Voyage of the Dawn Treader... the things she sees!
  • Philip Reeve, Cornelia Funke, Stephenie Meyer, Orson Scott Card, JRR Tolkien, CS Lewis, Karen Hancock, Julie Bertagna, Kathryn Mackel, Jeffery Overstreet, Anne Degraaf, Eoin Colfer, Paul Stewart, Catherine Banner... and I am learning about new authors all the time. Oh, and of course, I like reading my own work too!