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  • DaLeeLa

  • Knysna, Western Cape. ZA

  • Veralee


  • English

In short

  • Before anything else I am a woman: a mother, a daughter, a sister, a girlfriend, an aunt, a niece, a wife - all versions of feminine.

    Then I am a professional: a writer, a student. I am learned and learning. Been there, done that and getting there and finding that. I love to write, read, listen to music, socialise, take leisurely walks on the beach. I love to party and play.

    Yes! I can be stubborn and serious. I like most people and avoid those I don't so I'm easy to like and have around for fun, for business, for the pleasure of my good company or the level-headed person that I am...

    I have a lot to say and I'm saying it all over the place. The WWW is so much fun and I have blogs everywhere. You can find my on Booksie: www.booksie.com/Da Lee La . Technorati: veesgraffiti, Squidoo, Delicious, DIGG, Bloglines, Blogit, Blogger, Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, Gozoof, Reddit, CafePress... My pen name is DaLeeLa, Vee's Graffiti or just google me....

  • http://veraleehenning.webs.com
    http://www.booksie.com/Da Lee La

My Favorites: Reading and Writing

  • Fiction: Children's, Crime, Literary, Religious/Inspirational

    Non-Fiction: Business/Money, Computing & Internet, Cooking, Food & Wine, Memoir/Narrative Non-fiction, Religion, Self-Help, True Crime

    Screenplay: General

    Poetry: General

  • The Prophet - Kalil Gibran
    The Hobit - JRR Tolkien
    These Eyes - Veralee Henning (unpublished)
    So much more its impossible to list them all
  • Slave Species of God - Michael Tellinger
  • in bed
  • Fiction: Literary, Short Story

    Non-Fiction: Memoir/Narrative Non-fiction

    Screenplay: General

    Poetry: General

  • Modesty Blaise........from way, way back that always fascinated me when I borrowed my big sister's books..
  • shakespeare, Gibran, Tolkien, Forsythe, ... many many many more